The aim of the Netherlands Society of Gene & Cell Therapy is to promote both fundamental and translational research on gene & cell therapies. By bringing together all stakeholders (i.e. researchers, patients, physicians, government and regulatory authorities) the society aims to contribute to the swift development of new therapies for life-threatening diseases, including inherited diseases as well as acquired diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

To achieve this, the society actively promotes:

  • Exchange of information and expertise between the various stakeholders
  • Public awareness of the status and possibilities of gene & cell therapy by organizing public events, workshops and lectures
  • Educational & Research-oriented sessions for researchers in the gene & cell therapy field (e.g. organisation of Spring Symposium)



Dossier Gentherapie – Biowetenschappen en Maatschappij

Stichting Biowetenschappen en Maatschappij (BWM) wil bijdragen aan het maatschappelijk debat over actuele thema’s binnen de biologische- en gezondheidswetenschappen. Op 11 maart 2020 is er een dossier uitgebracht over het thema gentherapie. Source: Dossier Gentherapie – Biowetenschappen en Maatschappij