The aim of the Netherlands Society of Gene & Cell Therapy is to promote both fundamental and translational research on gene & cell therapies. By bringing together all stakeholders (i.e. researchers, patients, physicians, government and regulatory authorities) the society aims to contribute to the swift development of new therapies for life-threatening diseases, including inherited diseases as well as acquired diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

To achieve this, the society actively promotes:

  • Exchange of information and expertise between the various stakeholders
  • Public awareness of the status and possibilities of gene & cell therapy by organizing public events, workshops and lectures
  • Educational & Research-oriented sessions for researchers in the gene & cell therapy field (e.g. organisation of Spring Symposium)



The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2020

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2020 was awarded jointly to Emmanuelle Charpentier and Jennifer A. Doudna “for the development of a method for genome editing”. Source: The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2020

Else Kröner Fresenius Prize for Medical Research 2020 | Else Kröner-Fresenius-Stiftung

Prof. Dr. Alessandro Aiuti, a physician and research scientist based in Milan is the winner of the Else Kröner Fresenius Prize for Medical Research 2020, which is awarded by the EKFS in recognition of Aiuti’s significant scientific contributions to the development of gene therapies. Source: Else Kröner Fresenius Prize for Medical Research 2020 | Else …

LUMC constructs the largest stem cell facility for the Netherlands and beyond | LUMC

Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) will start this year with the construction of the largest non-profit stem cell and gene therapy facility in the Netherlands, and one of the largest facilities in Europe. In the ‘NECSTGEN’ facility, the Netherlands Centre for the Clinical advancement of Stem Cell and Gene Therapies, research will be conducted in …