National initiatives

Below is a list of national initiatives in the field of gene and cell therapy, as well as international partnerships with Dutch involvement.

  • ARM (Alliance for Regenerative Medicine)
  • CURE4LIFE (development and patient access to stem cell based gene therapies for different diseases)
  • DARE-NL (harmonized development, clinical testing and sustained patient access to cancer-specific gene and cell therapies)
  • Dutch Center for RNA Therapeutics (RNA therapy for very rare diseases)
  • Horizonscan Medicines (map novel innovative medicines, managed by National Health Care Institute / Zorginstituut Nederland)
  • ICAT (Utrecht Innovation Center for Advanced Therapies)
  • Necstgen (development support and GMP production of cell and gene therapies)
  • RegMedXB (Dutch-Belgian effort: Regenerative Medicine Crossing Borders, bring regenerative medicine solutions to patients)
  • reNEW (international stem cell consortium, bring stem cell based therapies to patients)
  • T2EVOLVE (European effort with Dutch involvement: development, awareness and access of cancer patients to immunotherapy, i.e. CAR T-cell therapy)

Please notify us if you know of another initiative that you think should be listed here.