Greiner Award

The NVGCT Greiner Award is a yearly awarded prize for the best Dutch thesis on gene or cell therapy research. The Award will only be granted to a thesis that was successfully defended in the year preceding the Award presentation and of which the described scientific work was performed for at least a significant part at a Netherlands university or academic institute. Written nominations by the thesis promotor and/or co-promotor should be addressed annually to the chair of the NVGCT science committee. The science committee will install a jury, consisting of at least three members who are not affiliated with any of the nominees. The Award presentation and acceptance lecture traditionally take place at the NVGCT Annual Symposium. Nominees are expected to be available for this ceremony.

In exceptional cases, the NVGCT science committee may decide to grant the Award to the leading author of a Dutch gene or cell therapy publication of outstanding quality. In this case, the Award recipient should be an early stage scientist.

Nominations (letter and pdf of the thesis) may be mailed to Dr. Massimiliano Caiazzo.

List of previous Greiner Award winners:
– 2000: Dr P.A. Dijkhuizen, NIH, Amsterdam (thesis)
– 2001: Dr. V.W. van Beusechem, VUMC, Amsterdam (paper)
– 2002: Dr. P.H. Goossens, LUMC, Leiden (thesis)
– 2003: Dr. I.S. Zuhorn, RUG, Groningen (thesis)
– 2004: Dr. M.M. van der Eb, LUMC, Leiden (thesis)
– 2005: Dr. R.A. Willemsen, DDHK, Rotterdam (thesis)
– 2006: Dr. T. W├╝rdinger, UU, Utrecht (thesis)
– 2007: Dr. J. Adriaansen, AMC, Amsterdam (thesis)
– 2008: Dr. K. Pike Overzet, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam (thesis)
– 2009: Dr. A. Jorritsma Smit, NKI, Amsterdam (thesis)
– 2010: Dr. D. Pijnappels, RUL, Leiden (thesis)
– 2011: Dr. J. Geurts, Radboud UMC, Nijmegen (thesis)
– 2012: Dr. M. Van Loenen, LUMC, Leiden, (thesis)
– 2013: Dr. J. de Vrij, LUMC, Leiden, (thesis)
– 2014: Dr. C. Linneman, NKI, Amsterdam (thesis)
– 2015: Dr. A. Ramkisoensing, LUMC, Leiden (thesis)
– 2016: Dr. C. Aalbers, Arthrogen/UvA, Amsterdam (thesis)
– 2017: Dr. I. Maggio, LUMC, Leiden (thesis)
– 2018: Dr. M. Broeren, Radboud Univ. Nijmegen (thesis)
– 2019: Dr. M. Dona, Radboud UMC, Nijmegen (thesis)
– 2020-21: Dr. M. Messchaert, Radboud UMC, Nijmegen (thesis)
– 2022: Dr. R.M.T. ten Ham, UU, Utrecht (thesis)
– 2023: Dr. T.M. Buck, LUMC, Leiden (thesis)